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COVID-19 pandemic is one of the greatest crises of our times. From its supply chains to daily operations, businesses have been hit the hardest. In order to ensure business continuity they will now have to rise up to these unprecedented challenges and embrace new changes in their business processes. With the help of a reliable business continuity planning, businesses can respond proactively to overcome these difficult times. Digitalisation will be key to the growth of  the business as the world will become more connected and virtual. This will indeed necessitate organisations to challenge status quo and reinvent their business models.

The need for hiring a Managed Service Provider

In these uncertain times, maintaining business continuity is of paramount importance. The daily IT operations and infrastructure of the organisation is indeed the basic cornerstone of business continuity. In such a scenario, businesses should ensure that IT operations run seamlessly and uninterrupted.

How to ensure business continuity

There are two strategies to ensure a business continuity model for an organisation. Basically an organisation will utilise either one of these strategies to ensure that business continuity plans are rolled out.

  • The first prominent strategy is to identify possibilities of creating a model utilising the existing resources and infrastructure within the organisation itself.
  • In situations where the existing resources and utilities may not be in capacity to support the business requirements of clients, partnering and collaboration with a promising IT partner is the best option.

Key Benefits

Managed service providers (MSP) provide businesses with an  dedicated offshore  team or a remote support team that will support your organisation  in the following ways:

  •  Identify existing pain points within the infrastructure
  • To draft an emergency response plan
  • Improves your IT staff productivity.
  • Provides immediate expert level support.

Key Highlights

Businesses have to adapt to continuously changing situations.Even during a crisis, a business has objectives to attain and clients to serve. MSP’s can support the development of strategies to meet requirements. The key highlights of using an MSP include:

  • Cost savings: MSP’s are an economical alternative since it helps to cut down costs.
  • Quality of service: Partnering with an MSP will help your business to provide workforce solutions in a streamlined manner.
  • Improved security: Since most of the workforce would be remote there would be increased cyber security risks. An MSP’s cybersecurity services can mitigate such risks at all fronts.
  • Up to date IT systems: Businesses can rest assured that their IT infrastructure is continually updated and have access to services at an affordable rate.

As a part of it’s Business continuity model NDZ provides remote support teams as well as Offshore dedicated Teams for the following services:

  • Remote Support
  • Application Development Services
  • Cybersecurity Services
  • Testing and Automation

Why NDZ?

NDZ is a global technology firm,offering solutions across Big Data & Analytics, Industrial automation and Business Process Management and  leverages technology for digital transformation. Our capabilities include offering process improvements through our IT managed services and solutions. Utilise NDZ managed IT solutions to streamline all the business operations in your organization.

For further information regarding various pricing models, get in touch with us