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We build innovative future-ready solutions through new-age technologies enabling clients to meet their needs, now and in the future. Our IT Solutions are honed by years-long industry experience and deep expertise.

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NRenewableZ is an asset management, monitoring and performance prediction platform driven by analytics. It ensures effective asset operation by combining cutting edge analytical capabilities with the real-world presence needed to convert data into insight and insight into action.

Digital Healthcare Platforms

Centralised Monitoring

Asset & Workflow Management

Analytics & Insight Generation




IIDARA is a comprehensive ITSM solution designed to manage processes, events, and functions to enhance enterprises’ overall efficiency. IIDARA comprises everything organizations need to manage their service and support functions. IIDARA enables you to fully control all your IT operations offering exceptional customer service through effective operational performance.


Intelligent Searching


Automated Asset & Issue Resolution Management


Report Generation


Vendor Management System


Today the businesses have evolved from an independent entity that takes care of all the raw material requirements by itself to a more collaborative model, where another company will supply everything your business needs. And it is thus creating an ecosystem of mutually dependent and co-existing companies. But what happens when you’re reaching out and collaborating  with not just one but multiple companies or vendors? Confusions and Inefficiencies are bound to occur in such situations, But that’s when NDZ’s Vendor Management System comes to the rescue.

Seamless Integration

Vendor Registration

Process Automation

Vendor Selection Bid cycle

Vendor Invoice Payout Management




Move beyond IVR to enrich the customer experience by driving natural conversations. 

By providing your users the option of speaking to a voicebot, rather than a chatbot, you are achieving two important goals. Firstly, making it easier for them to access the conversation and secondly, you are giving them a much more engaging and entertaining experience with quality. ZBOT learns and understands customer’s intent and automate satisfactory  responses that can solve 80% of daily customer issues without human intervention.


AI/VI Interview Solutions


NDZ’s AI/VI Interview solution enables you to hire the best-suited candidate in minimal time effortlessly. Its modern suite of tools automate routine tasks and makes the hiring process faster, creating more time and space to build candidate relationships.

E-commerce Analytics

Voice Bot Assistance

Digital Onboarding

Real-Time Feedback

Custom made Questions

Live Video Interviews

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