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The world is evolving continuously, and so is the business. We are used to embracing these changes from ages. But now, the situation is a bit different due to the recent pandemic crisis (COVID 19). The speed of this transition has gained momentum, which created drastic changes to the business world and the consumer behaviour. If we narrow down our discussion to the most impacted sector due to this, we end up with E-commerce with no doubt, and obviously, the hit is positive. E-commerce businesses gained a  growth rate of 16% from the previous year. To contain this rapid swift and to stay competitive, companies are compelled to innovate in all ways possible to deliver top-notch delivery experiences to their customers.

Why do you need an optimum On-Demand/ Uber-like delivery solution?

Researches show that  due to Negative delivery experience

  •  E-commerce businesses lose 38 % of its customers.
  • 60 % of your customers choose your competitors with better and convenient delivery options.
  • 45 % has abandoned their shopping cart.

Delayed and unsatisfactory delivery experiences are among the top challenges hindering people from online shopping. So by providing a timely delivery solution, most businesses can win this e-commerce battle.

How the best delivery solution can help you?

Most times, an appropriate online delivery solution can be a one in all solution for your customer dissatisfaction. Let’s see how it helps.

  • Optimise Digital Onboarding process- Onboarding to the platform is the first step of customer interaction, and they want it in a convenient way possible. So here, through an optimised digital onboarding process, we mean a balance between customer convenience and gathering the most relevant information.

Real-time tracking and route optimisation- Finding the shortest route is one of the most critical factors that can contribute to just in time delivery and efficiency. By incorporating real-time tracking with route optimization can give customers the status of their order shipment which in turn contribute to building trust and satisfaction.

Seamless Integration- It provides seamless integration of the ERP software, Inventory management system, online ordering system, mobile apps, and websites with our developer-friendly API. This feature helps to maintain a unified and connected management of all the systems delivering maximum efficiency in operations.

Data analytics and visualisation- Meaningful insights are automatically generated using the user and order tracking data and are displayed in a graphical form through data analytics and visualisation. This can help you to plan customised marketing activities based on the value of the customer.

E-commerce 360

On-Demand delivery solutions bind comfort and convenience to a single platform delivering a delightful experience to build happy customers. This is what you want if you are in an eCommerce business or delivery service business. 


Most of us are not ready to invest in anything if we are not convinced about the benefits it can bring into our business. So the attached question, for now, is “What are the benefits you get by investing in an online delivery management system. Obviously, it varies based on the area your business is operating. Here are some obvious benefits it can bring to your business irrespective of the nature of your business.

Seamless management of delivery– Online delivery management system allows easy and swift access to information from anywhere on real-time, enabling seamless delivery management.

Performance improvement-Using insightful analytics reports, performance of the system can be evaluated and optimised efficiently.

Replace manual mode with digital mode– Greater perceptibility and evidence for delivery processes give entire control over the regular activities.

Improve relationship with customers– It helps you to keep track of your customers as well as the delivery process, allowing you to give one to one communication with the customer.

Increased customer retention– Customers always prefer hassle-free and timely delivery. With an appropriate delivery management system, you can make your customers delighted, resulting in increased customer retention.

On-Demand Delivery Solution Workflow and Features

So you are clear about the immense success a suitable eCommerce/On-Demand delivery solution can assure your business. Now it’s time to understand the workflow and features of an efficient on-demand delivery solution. An on-demand delivery solution satisfies your customer as well as your organization operational efficiency requirements.

A feature-rich on-demand/Uber-Like delivery solution empowers upcoming entrepreneurs and startups by providing robust and reliable dispatch services to any topographical area around the world.  Our fully functional app designed and developed with the best app development techniques enables your business to deliver success to each customer.

How does it Work?

 The comfort and ease of any on-demand delivery system is best conveyed through its workflow. The workflow of our on-demand delivery system is as follows.

Login/ register– Users can log in/ register using basic detail entries and create their profiles easily

Choose Delivery mode– Based on user preference, they are allowed to choose from the delivery modes available. This is based on the package size and distance.

Confirm Location- Users select the pickup/ destination location and confirm.

Confirm order– Users confirm their orders by completing their payment procedures.

Delivering on time– just in time delivery with real tracking is assured.


Reviews and ratings– Users can rate and review the service based on their experience.

Our Delivery app features

We offer a comprehensive on-demand uber-like delivery and tracking app that can meet all our stakeholders. Key features of the system include,

Real-time GEO tracking-  This feature allows users to live track their orders with the customer-facing mobile app.

Booking cancellation- This feature gives the customer the comfort to cancel or change their booking.

Chat/call driver- Chat/ call feature allows users to communicate flawlessly through chat or call

Work history-  Work history unveils to the drivers their previous successful deliveries.

Review and rating system- Reviews and ratings are always an effective feedback system for any business. Our delivery solution also provides you with this feature to analyze and tackle your business efficiency.

Ride allotment algorithm- This algorithm allows admins to allocate drivers to service requests.

Emails and SMS notifications- Users get notifications regarding the delivery and registration through SMS or emails.

Security- We ensure security by incorporating SSL and other security parameters to the application.

Unlimited user and driver registration-  This application caters to an infinite number of users and drivers with flawless working.

History- Users can view and analyze their history

Wallet management- admins will have a track of the amounts credited, debited in the driver wallets.

In-app push notifications-  admins can push notifications regarding services to users and drivers.

Integrated pricing logic- Based on the service type, admins can activate any of the five integrated pricing logic (default).

Website and hosting server- We deliver a completely responsive website that performs flawlessly on many browsers and platforms. Also, we provide hosting and training services.

Referral system- There is a referral system integrated, which allows users to refer the app to their friends and earn bonus amounts.

Dispute and settlement module- This feature allows drivers and users to raise their disputes by selecting any of the prefilled options.

Analytics and reports-  This feature gives admins reports based on insights generated through analytics.

Multiple payment options- Multiple payment options available gives users and drivers the flexibility and convenience of using this app.

What NEXT?

Mobile applications have legitimately become a significant resource for all organizations. This applies particularly to on-demand applications where the whole business depends on the productivity of the application. Ensure you do it properly with the above-mentioned highlights. If you have decided to build an application for your business and have any crude application thought, at that point, you can cross-check it with us as we are a leading software solutions company with a handful of experience in eCommerce solutions including web and mobile app development services. In case, you have any more queries related to on-demand delivery solutions, please write to us at nayana.joy@ndimensionz.com or call – +91 – 9946 144 450.