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The times are changing quickly, and the current pandemic situation has brought about a paradigm shift as people are relying on technology to catch up with these much transient times.

The modus operandi of companies has undergone a revamp to match the requirements of the customers.

Even though the present crisis requires the healthcare industry to be in the forefront, this industry is also going through a period of obstruction and hence opting for practical alternatives for better customer service and satisfaction.

One wing which the healthcare industry is exploring is online lab testing, A perfect solution to all the patients who are sceptical about visiting the hospital during these times of uncertainties.

What once required numerous rounds of hospital visits on the part of the patients, now only needs one click from them.

Online Lab testing has been a long time coming with its obvious advantages.


The process of visiting a lab is a very demanding task for the elderly and bedridden. Online lab testing is a boon for such patients, where they don’t have to take the effort of physically visiting the labs. The patients and clients can get their test results in an app after hours of conducting the test, eliminating their need to visit the hospital even to collect the results.


The hassle of booking an appointment, waiting for the lab tests and taking multiple trips to hospitals will now be a thing of the past. The individuals can now open the app and schedule an appointment as per their convenience.


Home testing helps in maintaining the anonymity of the clients, which is difficult if the client physically visits the hospital. Anonymity is an essential aspect that the clients today appreciate, as they don’t want to disclose their diseases to the public. The chances of any illnesses spreading to other clients is also drastically reduced by using the online lab testing methods.

Hygienic and healthy

Hygiene is a matter of growing concern in today’s scenario, with the increase in contagious diseases. Online testing helps in keeping this fear of the clients at bay and encourages cooperation between the hospital staff and the patient as it reduces any apprehension that the latter may have about the hygiene because the test is performed in the most comfortable place that the client wants.

The hospitals and labs also have their own advantages of adopting the online lab testing process or e-consultation. This enables them to optimize their working and squeeze the most out of the technology to suit their demands and serve their patients and clients efficiently.

Centralised Control

The hospitals have an added advantage of monitoring and supervising the multiple labs that they might have—and making the clients aware of those labs. They also enable the hospitals or administration to evaluate the performance of each lab.

Real-time approval of reports

The doctors can also make use of the apps to receive the reports as and when they are ready. They can assess those reports and approve them as the final result to the clients all within a few minutes.

Today, when social distancing is the new norm, and the world is switching to remote care, hospitals and labs need to go that extra mile to keep up with the clients’ demand. We at NDZ are here to help you take care of all those demands and more, and enable you to effortlessly transform into a digitized road of catering to the clients.

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