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Performance Tuning Primer Script is the shell script which gets performance related information from MySQL engine and produce some recommendations for tuning of MySQL server variables. It’s easy to use and offers valuable output for MySQL performance optimization.


Performance Tuning Primer Script Usage

[*] Download the shell script here.
[*] Upload the shell script to your server (if not already downloaded directly by the server:
[*] wget https://day32.com/MySQL/tuning-primer.sh)
[*] Place the script almost wherever you want (one of the best locations is your home directory)
[*] Set proper permissions for the shell script to be able to run (chmod 755 should be enough)
[*] Run Performance Tuning Primer Script
[*] Apply the suggestions of the shell script output


MySQL Tuner is a Perl script that analyzes your MySQL performance and, based on the statistics it gathers, gives recommendations which variables you should adjust in order to increase performance. That way, you can tune your my.cnf file to tease out the last bit of performance from your MySQL server and make it work more efficiently.

Mysql Tuner Script Usage

1)wget https://mysqltuner.com/mysqltuner.pl
2)chmod +x mysqltuner.pl

You should carefully read the output, especially the recommendations at the end. It shows exactly which variables you should adjust in the [mysqld] section of your my.cnf

Whenever you change your my.cnf, make sure that you restart MySQL. You can then run MySQL Tuner again to see if it has further recommendations to improve the MySQL performance. This way, you can optimize MySQL step by step.