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The moment this game has been launched on 6th July, 2016, Pokemon Go has stirred up literally every gamer round the planet, plus also those who stopped playing games dates back. Not only those who were into games but also the newbies who have just started taking interests, are going crazy for this.

But since its launch, this game app has also got lots of criticism from many parts of the world. This is because countries like China, India, South Korea, Iran, etc. claimed for security concerns. This is because it is an augmented reality game, which implies to real world blended with the virtual pokemons that the users need to see through his/her mobile camera and catch ’em all. Now a few countries suspect that one might get to know about the exact map and location of a particular place and so crimes could take place, which could be anything like kidnaps, terrorists attacks, planned theft, etc. The term Security Concerns also implies to those places like military areas, regions where scientific experiments are being carried, etc. that obviously need privacy as well.

Pokemon Go is favorite of people of all races, regions, ages, genders, etc., especially those who were once regular viewers of the series decade back. Everyone imagined playing with these imaginary creatures which is now a reality. There are some pros and cons of Pokemon Go which need to be addressed. So, let’s talk about the pros first and then move on to cons.

Pros of Pokemon Go

1. Embrace your childhood – There is a particular section of age group who used to adore Pokemon characters like Pikachu, Charmandor, Jigglypuff, Charlizard, Togepi, Meowth, etc. They will for sure embrace these gaming moments remembering about their obsession of pokemons back then.

2. Lose weight – This is because the game isn’t static one that encourages a person being a couch potato. Instead, the user has to walk all the way through wherever the pokemons go in order to chase them. This allows them do walking and sweating a bit.

3. Socialize – This allows a person meet other people in the outside surroundings. Meeting and talking with them actually let them indulge in being social which is common with those people who play this game, quite opposite to the general stereotype about gamers that they hardly interact with people.

4. Beat stress and social anxiety – There is a high chance that if you go outside and play Pokemon Go, you will beat psychological issues like stress, anxiety, depression, social anxiety, etc. because of the same reason mentioned previously, i.e. through sweating and socializing.

5. Discover new places in your locality – In our day to day so called busy lives we do see certain objects on daily basis but fail to notice that exist in our very nearby surroundings. Embrace yourself with that “gray statue at the entrance of park”, “pink colored roses at your neighbors’ place”, “fountains with lighting”, etc. while you collect items at Pokestops.

6. An ideal solution to pass your spare time – There are many events like visiting a party where you know literally no one other than the hosts, while you wait for the bus or train at the stop, etc. Pokemon Go will help you pass your ideal time in such situations so that you don’t get bored.

Cons of Pokemon Go

1. Accidents and injuries – People literally drive and play Pokemon Go! The norms under road acts don’t allow people talking or texting on phone while driving, but this is a whole new level of disaster. Since it is hard to notice the surroundings because of too much involvement in the game, despite of watching everything right in front; one needs to stop this activity entirely because the accidents caused by this has way higher probability than calling or texting.

There are several reports of injuries as well like getting sprained ankle, falling somewhere, getting collided with a wall or vehicle, etc. while catching the pokemon characters. This is because people are too involved in the game that despite of their actual surroundings, they don’t really notice the potential dangers.

2. Getting kidnapped, caught or harmed – People could be tricked into playing the game and drawn towards that kind of locality which is susceptible to criminal acts because of aloof nature. People need to control their too much obsession so that they always KNOW where they are. This will only prevent them from being a victim.

3. Not a good option for those dealing with psychotic disorders – Some individuals deal with certain psychotic disorders in which they fail to differentiate between the real and the virtual. This game is certainly not for them.

4. Phone batteries drain soon – The phone’s battery drains very soon and so while being in an emergency you will regret of playing this game since you might need your phone all of a sudden.

5. Need of high speed internet – Without a high speed internet connection plus a strong GPS connection one is not able to play Pokemon Go.

Your country of residence may or may not allow this game for now but if it stops the ban (if it has currently) just remember being alert of several incidents that might occur to you and your loved ones. Also make everyone aware of the many scenarios that are noted here.