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Have you ever heard of the term AI or Artificial Intelligence? It is quite familiar word among people in the recent years but many have just a basic idea of what it is and they are unaware of many things.

ros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology

Intelligence refers to an ability to adapt the new surroundings based on time and experience gained. Human intelligence is the combination of perception, learning, reasoning, problem solving, and understanding language. This is how every individual is different. Artificial Intelligence is the term used for machines that may resemble human intelligence in the coming years. Science has made several progress but hasn’t reached to this point where one couldn’t differentiate between a human and a computer. The video games played by the user in which the rivalries are none other than the computer is also a kind of AI in which the PC evaluates the user’s moves and motives and acts accordingly. The smart phones that you use today also have AI technology. Ever thought how would your phone know what exact word you were about to write but mistakenly typed something else? It provides you the options of words and most of the times one of these words is correct.

Scientists are hopeful that they would discover even better. A robot that not only will understand the environment and learn from it with time but also it will have emotions like happiness, anger, worry, etc. just as humans possess. Keeping in mind about the advantages one must also think about the disadvantages. It may sound cool to you if you even think about a robotic slave who would do anything you instruct and solve your issues, including emotional support but this technology does have advantages and limitations. I am discussing about all the possible pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence technology.

Pros of Artificial Intelligence

1. When it comes to problem solving machines are more accurate and precise as compared to human beings. Humans, on the other hand, tend to make mistakes at times.

2. If the scientists plan to explore the space they may send the robots instead of humans for extended time period without risking anyone’s life. The additional advantage would be without oxygen. Robots also do not need to feed on something or urinate. Thus, solving the problem of keeping food stock in bulk as well as the toilets.

3. Machines do not get tired and so could be used for mining purposes where humans usually get tired and develop lung problems with time. Due to their ability to work tirelessly scientists could explore seas and oceans as well since humans do have the limitation of swimming deep under the water to a specific depth and not more than that.

4. It is possible with the AI technology to chat with a human being live and a person feels as if chatting with another human. This could allow several organizations to provide assistance like customer care and many have started it at present. This makes possible to interact with the user anytime.

5. Machine think logically and so will perform better in case of sensitive decision making. Humans, on the other hand, depend on mood and decide as per their present mindset about something. This hampers humans’ efficiency but not the case with machines.

6. AI could be used in repetitive and time consuming tasks without physically and mentally getting exhausted. Humans get irritated if they have to do the same task over and over again but machines don’t.

7. Artificial Intelligence could be used in medical field as well to train the medical students in performing surgeries. This could be achieved by surgery simulators and that would reduce the time spent for lectures.

8. The depression patients need affection and care. Pets are capable to provide that kind of comfort. Robotic pets could be used instead of the real ones in order to avoid unhygienic and unsafe situations from the pets. Also some people do not like animals at all. The robotic ones would be more preferable in that case as well.

9. Robotic radio-surgery for tumor patients is more precise. This avoids situations like destroying the healthy tissues in the surroundings.

Cons of Artificial Intelligence

1. Machines need plenty of cost in repairing and maintenance. The hardware and software need to get updated with time to meet the latest requirement. If in case the data is lost it is costly and time consuming to restore it back. Most organizations won’t be able to afford plenty of robots in their campus due to the same reason.

2. Machines do not improve with time and experience by themselves as humans do. These have to be maintained and updated artificially. Robots cannot act any different outside of whatever algorithm or programming is fed in their internal circuits.

3. When it comes to artistic work nothing can beat human mind. A computer cannot think differently while drawing or making anything. A human being is filled with emotions and his every artistic work is based on his own thought process. The machine will always lack this great ability.

4. Humans work with enthusiasm and dedication but machines don’t. For example, if someone is given medical facility he expects extreme caring behavior. This is not in the dictionary of robots and they tend to do only specific tasks instructed in their programming. If scientists successfully feed emotions in a robot one will still sense the difference.

5. If the machines start doing every task being done by the humans currently there would be unemployment everywhere. It is therefore unethical to replace the humans with robots.

6. If the machines reach at the wrong hands it would lead to destruction to humanity. Since there is no existence of emotions anything done wouldn’t affect their mind. These things cannot be sent to jails or beaten for their deeds because of lacking the sense of pain that humans possess.

7. If the Artificial Intelligence resembles the human intelligence in the coming years the machine would actually think of ruling the world and make humans their slaves. The scientists need to understand this and must not continue this thing with the greed to fill their pockets, for the sake of humanity.