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It’s often quite a confusion while purchasing a particular technically sound gadget. So, why not compare the most searched smartwatches, i.e. Samsung Gear S2 with The Apple Watch? It will save your time going to shopping stores since the salesperson will probably show you the higher range and this is not always the case your pocket allows you doing so. Right?

Samsung offers two main models for its smartwatches, namely Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic. Gear S2 caters the best display of all. Gear S2 also is thicker and in 3G version that the Classic model does not possess. Both of these models come in stainless steel case. These watches contain plastic and leather bands respectively and are replaceable with time. These smart watches use standard touch screen method to tap any app or function. These have AMOLED screens. The colors available for Gear S2 are silver and dark gray. For Gear S2 Classic only black color is available and there is no other choice. The key feature that makes these models unique is the rotating bezel which is a hardware feature for scrolling through menus or other types of adjustments. These also have the feature of fitness tracking, voice control and heart rate sensor. Through fitness tracking you can keep your daily routine in check. Voice control could be used in searches or texting. Gear S2 works well with those android phones having version more than 4.4 and those having RAM more than 1.5 GB. The watch has RAM of 512 MB and internal storage of 4 GB. The processor used is 1 GHz Exynos processor for Gear S2. These models don’t support iPhones. Their battery last about 2 to 3 days (250 mAh). These also have mobile payment systems. The 3G models are able to make phone calls without having phone connected. These are water resistant and can survive deep water submersion of 1 meter.  These watches use Tizen OS.

The Apple Watch comes in 38 mm and 42 mm sizes. Its build could be chosen from any type as – aluminium, stainless steel and 18-karat gold – and their price range depends respectively. A new type gold colored finish on aluminium models are also available these days. The bands available are made of materials – leather, stainless steel and rubber. The watches are not compatible with standard bands available, so Apple provides numerous options for that as per materials and colors. It also has a very unique feature of pressure-sensitive display. In this the hard press has different functioning than the light tap. When it comes to colors, Apple provides a wide range of selection. When we talk about the pixel density the smartwatches that Apple offers is way sharper than any other kind of smartwatch. It is 8 times of Samsung smartwatches. It also uses AMOLED screens. It too has features of fitness tracking, heartbeat monitoring and voice control facility like other smartwatches. But additionally it also has reminders. Apple smart-watches are not compatible with android phones, but iPhones, of course! The battery is 205 mAh which means it needs to get charged at the end of the day. It also supports mobile payments and phone calls. The Apple Watch is water resistant but not waterproof and so it cannot be submerged under water. Its uses S1 system-on-a-chip operating system. It uses RAM of 512 MB and a storage capacity of 8 GB, but only 2 GB is available for syncing music tracks and other related features.

When it comes to purchasing both there is a huge different in the price. Those who can afford Apple smartwatches go for Apple only but those who are fond of technical gadgets and want to buy something that comes into their budget must try Samsung Gear S2 and it won’t disappoint you.