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Your MX (Mail Exchange) records define where your email will be routed to. When an email is sent, the MX records are looked up publicly, and mail is routed directly to that server. Here is how to setup MX record for a domain

  • Login to Cpanel
  • Select the “MX Entry” icon from within your cPanel control panel.
  • You need to specify the priority, and “Destination” which may be refered to as a hostname or simply a record/MX record by your mail provider. MX records are not case sensitive, so capitalization is not important.
  • You will see a green success bar like above after each record has been added.
  • You can remove an old record if any existing there before

You will also need to specify the routing, which is how the mail server will handle the mail. If you modify your MX records to point remotely, away from the current server, you will most likely need to set this to “Remote”. Select the “Remote Mail Exchanger” box and hit “Change” if that is the case or set it to Local Mail Exchanger.

Though it will take some time for the propagation to complete, you can use a site such as MXToolBox to verify your domains MX records.