Social Responsibility

We always recognize our responsibilities towards the society as a whole. Our social responsibilities involve managing the trading processes to have a positive impact on the environment.

Ndimensionz always supports the following


Promoting Green Datacenters

We always promote green datacenters since we are always conscious of its impact on the natural surroundings. This is why in order to be environmental friendly and responsible enterprise we have literally reduced the industrial carbon footprint.


Keeping Energy Star Rated Electronic Equipments

NdimensionZ always keeps star rated electronic equipment for energy that not only conserves it but also is better for the money-investment. The process minimizes the energy wastage and ultimately saves the environment.

greenpeace supporter

Supporting Greenpeace

Greenpeace is an independent campaigning organization that aims at exposing global environmental problems through using peaceful and creative confrontation. NdimensionZ wholeheartedly supports such solutions for the betterment of the existing environment by bringing the green and peaceful future.


Enlightening Life via

NdimensionZ is also a strong supporter of in order to back the under-privileged people in the surroundings who find really difficult to seek education and healthcare facilities, along with just the basic fulfillment.

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