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As technology are improving, new gadgets are launched with advanced features. In the past, most of the electronic devices were mainly designed for performing a single purpose, but now with modern technologies been invented with which even a single device can perform multiple purposes. For example, in the earlier stages of mobile development it could only be used for voice calls, but today mobiles can do lot of things other than voice call. It can be used for sending text messages, emails, web serving, and so on. We can see similar improvements in the development of television, computer, video camera, etc. These gadgets have multi purpose tools, that makes things easier, saves us time and money.

Countless gadgets and applications are invented each and every day with the fast improvement of science and Technology. I’ve rounded up top 7 gadgets among them that will be launching in 2017 that you can hardly wait until they arrive.

1) Razers Project Valerie
Have you ever bothered about your small laptop screen size, which is not enough for playing games. Here is a solution for you!. Razers introduces a new laptop with multi screens. Razers Project Valerie is designed with two foldable displays that expands out from the main or primary screen towards both sides. Each display screen is about 17” and supports 4k resolution. Display screens can be used independently or together as a big screen. This three screen laptop weighs 12 pounds and is 1.5 in inch thickness. One of the most important fact that Project Valerie is just a concept device. Project Valerie is still in design stage so is not available to be purchased.


2) PowerRay Aquatic Drone
PowerRay Aquatic Drone can dive down to 30 meters underwater, where it can utilize the “fish finder” solar component to detect fish, another 40 meters below. The integrated 4k camera can capture the images and videos of underwater landscape and other data with the help of the drone’s WiFi system. On the surface user can view it via iOS or Android app. This drone is capable to attract fish by emitting an internal fish luring light and also has an optional remote controlled bait drop system that can place tasty snares on the desired location. PowerVision have not yet announced its price. PowerRay Aquatic Drone is expecting to start preorder from February 27th.

3) Toyota Concept-i
Toyota introduced their new car Concept-i that create a warm and friendly relationship with you by using an onboard Super-siri named Yui. Concept-i can know when you are stressed or where you loses concentration while driving by using AI techniques. If such cases occur, Yui is able to operate each and every function of the car simply by asking to the driver. By using the exterior lighting system concept-i can notify drivers about upcoming road hazards or turns and even the best route to your destination.

4) Foldable Samsung Phone
Samsung has been working on foldable handset for many years and they are expected to release their new smartphone in 2017. This Foldable Samsung Phone has two flat screens and a hinge is used to connect between them. The report takes note of that Samsung’s foldable gadget would be a 5-inch cell phone in folded form and it is transformed into 7 inch tablet when unfolded.

5) Helia Smart Light Bulbs
Soraa a lighting company planning to release their new smart LED light in the current year. Helia smart light bulbs can recreate the feel of natural sunlight. The bulbs emit blue light in the morning and slowly reduce the amount of blue color until the sun set. According to the time of the day Helia bulbs automatically adjust the type of color they emit, after setting up through iOS/android app. This Helia bulbs can be enhanced through a smart snap. With this smart snap technology helia bulbs automatically turn on when it detects someone in the room. By communicating with other bulbs helia bulbs can adjust the lighting condition in accordance with the time of the day.

Helia Smart Light Bulbs

6) Bodyfriend Aventar Massage Chair
Bodyfriend a South Korean company invented a special massage chair that will give an impressive massage to your body. When a person sits on this chair, it scans the entire body and gives the special massage by measuring the shoulder length, height and width. You can also set the specific massage areas of your body by connecting with special Apps. For instance, if you just want to get pain out of your feet, you can select just a foot massage.

7) Android Wear 2.0 Smart Watches
Google decided to launch their first andriod wear 2.0 smartwatches towards February 2017. The user can download and run the applications straight to the watch using bluetooth,WiFi or through cellular connection.This android wear will have a round plastic OLED screen with 1.38 inch size and 4 GB internal memory. Google already announced that the existing user will get an upgrade to the android wear 2.0 platform. With Android Wear 2.0, Google is promising significantly more abilities, like in-application billing support, the capacity of browsing the play store on the watch to introduce more apps, swipe to dismiss, and other features.

These are the top 7 gadgets expecting to be released in this year. We can wait for the release of these new gadgets and hope these will make our life better in a new way.

Author: Anjaly Arun