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454399125A mobile without an app is like ‘meat without salt’! Today almost every one from young to old has a mobile in their hand, mostly a smartphone. Applications have now become an integral part of Mobiles.And this has given a boost to the progress of mobile application development area. The mobile application development field is flourishing with each passing day.

Currently there are wide variety of applications available, from security apps to entertainment apps, there is a sea of collection from which users can choose. To develop the amazing apps amazing mobile application development builders are required. Again there are various application builders using which you can develop great apps, some of the best are:

Sl no.App BuilderMobiles
1Appery.ioAndroid, Windows, iOS
2Mobile RoadieIOS, Android
4Good BarberIOS, Android
5Appy PieAndroid, Windows, iOS
6AppMachineIOS, Android
7GameSaladAndroid, IOS, HTML5, OS X
8AppMakrAndroid, IOS, HTML5

Mobile application development is an art of developing great mobile applications that are beneficial for the users. For, eg. The security apps like MyMobile which helps in tracking your mobile, when its stolen or if you have misplaced it. Entertainment app like ChannelNow that showcases the timings of different television shows. Healthcare apps like SMARTRDT which aids in creating medical survey reports. Utility App like Track My Ride which helps in keeping your loved ones updated about your status while you are away from them, traveling. Addictive Game apps like Konnect that keeps your brain active. Then there famous apps like whats app facebook, hike that keep you connected with your dear and near ones 24×7. Day by day the scope for mobile application development is expanding.

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