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ISO/ IEC 27001 standard is a set of rules and protocols to safeguard the firm’s data. It is a set of protocols to maximize data security, which is accepted globally. Being certified as an ISO 27001 compliant organization displays the competency of your firm. In these times, when data is everything, ISO 27001 makes sure that you have a robust system. Understanding ISO/IEC 27001 is crucial before you learn why it is essential for you.

What is ISO 27001?

International Organisation for Standardization or ISO is a body that develops standards. ISO 27001 is ISO/IEC 27001, where IEC stands for International Electrotechnical Commission. ISO/IEC 27001 is the standard for organizations to set up an Information Security Management System(ISMS).

Both ISO and IEC developed the set of rules and protocols to define the ISO/IEC 27001 standard. ISO/IEC 27001 was first released in 2005 and first revised in 2013. It was reviewed again in 2019, and they decided to follow the 2013 version. The protocol focuses on the following three aspects of information security:

1. Confidentiality 

ISO/IEC 27001 certified organization always makes sure that its data is accessible only to authorized employees. Any confidential information is secured both digitally and physically. 

2. Integrity 

This key aspect powers the authorized user, and only them, to change the information. This way, the data’s integrity can be maintained, and the system can resist any unauthorized tampering of the data. 

3. Availability

Even while following confidentiality and integrity, the ISO/IEC 27001 model makes sure that the data is accessible to authorized individuals. This way only authorized users can access the data.

An organization can be ISO/IEC 27001 certified, and so can be individuals. An individual can get certified by completing various certification courses available. Individuals can get certified as a Lead implementer, lead auditor, and internal auditor.

Why is it Important for Your Organization? | How does it Benefit You?

Even though not mandatory, many organizations are voluntarily getting certified. The number of certifications skyrocketed by four times the initial count. ISO 27001 is all about protecting your data. Getting certified is a way to display your robust system and how serious you are about you and your client’s data. 

Even though this is all about securing data, it has an added advantage in business aspects. Industries that deal with very confidential data, like IT firms, the financial sector, & government agencies, are most likely to get certified.

Benefits of being ISO Certified

  •   Security

ISO/IEC 27001 guarantees the most cost-effective way to realize information security in your firm. They follow a constant feedback model that eliminates any flaw in the system. This way, your firm will have resistance against even the most recent vulnerabilities as well. You do not want an attacker to lay hands on your firm’s data. An ISMS makes sure that your data is secure with its structured workflow.

  •   Assurance to the Client

The client is the king. Assuring clients about your services and security is crucial as building a robust relationship with the client. ISO 27001 keeps a tab on the security part of your firm. This globally acknowledged security model assures the client that their data is safe in your hands.

Educated and Responsible Employees getting certified assures that your organization’s employees are aware of the risks involved. ISO/IEC 27001 wants the firm to inform its employees of the potential attacks and how the system works. This way, security is ensured both internally and externally.

  •   Prevention of Fines and Compensations

Any unauthorized data leak may cost you a lot of money during the legal process. Your organization might end up paying up to 4% of your turnover as fines in case of data offenses. Following the ISO 27001 promises that your data is safe and regulated.

How to get ISO certification?

ISO does not provide any certifications; they develop the model. Various third-party agents are authorized to certify your organization. ISO 27001 specifies the spec of the model. But, the ISO 27002 has detailed documentation on how to achieve this model. However, ISO 27001 specifies the philosophy of the security model to follow. ISO 27001 is integrated with others like ISO 9001 or ISO 22301 for different purposes as well. To get ISO 27001 certified, your organization must follow all the mandatory policies mentioned from clauses 4 to 10. If applicable, You should implement the controls from Annex A as well.

The Clauses 4 to 10 are:

4. Context of Organization

It is a study on the internal and external issues and any other requirement from interested parties. Your organization must analyze these requirements and decide how to integrate it into your system.

5. Leadership

This refers to the system’s security policy, setting roles, and responsibilities to ensure accountability.

6. Planning

Planning involves risk analysis of the system and how to counter it. At this point, the expectation of the security model is set. This is the basic layout to start building the system.

7. Support

Any security model involves tech and people. This part assures that the people in the system are well informed. The standard asks the organization to keep well-documented data to understand the functioning of the model. It also suggests educating each member about the how and why of the system.

8. Operation

Clause 8 demands risk assessment at planned intervals. This allows the system to rectify its flaws by analyzing any potential risks.

9. Performance Evaluation

Monitoring, measuring, analysis, evaluation, and Internal audit are the ones defined in this clause.

10. Improvement

This clause enforces any correction to any non- conformities in the system.

Once external certification agents see that your data flow security models meet all the ISO 27001 requirements, you will be certified as one. The mandatory documents required for the certification are also mentioned throughout clauses 4 to 10 and Annex A. ISO 27001 certification can be immensely helpful in developing your organization.

ISO 27001 is all about trust and getting certified indicates that your business has ensured that the people, processes, and systems are put in place according to a specified standard. 

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