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The online world is a place where there is no boundaries to what extent a business can flourish. It is like an open platform for your businesses to increase its popularity and extend the empire in leaps and bounds. One of the crucial factors that act as the strong bridge between the business and the online world is a Website. The website is one of the best mediums through which you can speak with your users. And for communicating efficiently with your users, you need to have a user friendly website, for later the same users will become your client/customers. So, it all starts with the website!

user-friendly website, fast

Why is it so important for your website to be user friendly?! Well just step yourself in the user’s shoe, what would you feel if the navigation process through the website is confusing and complex, if the content is cluttered and is spread across the website like a heap of garbage? Of-course, frustrated and you will not like to look back at the site ever again! And that’s not what you want for your business, frustrated and dissatisfied users! So, that is why it is very important that your website is easy to navigate through and is appealing to the eyes with the content properly placed.

The following tips will help you to make your website user friendly

  • Navigation

  • Placement of the content

  • Website Speed


1) Too many menu options is confusing for a user, so keep the number of menu options less.

2) If there are too many sub-categories, make it a point that you are placing them in an organized manner which does not look like a mess to the user’s eyes.

3) Place the navigation options at the top left hand corner of the website, horizontally or vertically.

4) Don’t forget to include a ‘Search Bar ‘ in your website. Many users depends on the search bar to get to what they are looking for quickly.

5) Abbreviations or acronyms are a complete ‘NO NO’ while naming your menus, as they might turn out to be too confusing for the users.

Placement of the Content

1) Having good content is not enough, placing it in the right format is equally important for that is one of the factors that enhance the value of a content.

2) Using bullet points has proved to be very effective when it comes to attracting users. Most of the users are scanners, they simply run their eyes through the content. So, when the scanners sees long paragraphs, their interest starts diminishing. Where as even if the content is big, but placed in bulleted points it keeps the reader engaged provided the content is worth reading!

3) Using eye-friendly fonts and filling the website with eye-friendly colors is important. The color of the background and the color of the fonts should be of the right contrast. Use a color combo wherein the users will not have to strain their eyes while reading the content on the website. Better will be a light background with medium dark fonts.

Website Speed

1) Make sure that your website is fast, as a slow website irritates a user more than anything.

2) As far as possible avoid large photos and videos as they slow down a website considerably.

3) Lessen the number of external and internal redirected links, for they can greatly affect the speed of your website in an adverse way.

Consider the above points and you are sure going to see a positive result.The above mentioned are basic and tested formulas and the most easiest steps that will make your website user-friendly. My, dear friends if you have any other effective ideas which has not been mentioned here please do share your knowledge with us. Would love to here from you:)