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Planning to buy a selfie stick? There are certain things that need to be kept in mind based on your basic and/or extravagant requirements plus the budget you currently have. There are many types of selfie sticks in the market belonging to different brands having different features. This what makes everyone left confused and at the end anyone may end up in purchasing the wrong product. To avoid that let us clear certain points that I am about to discuss one by one.

There are basically three types of selfie sticks:

1. Those that are Bluetooth-enabled, are well capable to pair with the android and iPhone, and have the button on the other end of the stick so that the user simply presses that button to click for the photo. Recharging is needed after every few hours.

Bluetooth-enabled selfie stick

2. The second category don’t have Bluetooth but a plug attached that needs to be inserted inside the phone’s headphone jack. The button-press option is there at the other end of the stick. There is no need to recharge its batteries.

wired selfie stick

3. The third category is Bluetooth-enabled as well but doesn’t have the button-press option at the other end point, but a separate remote control of the size of a keychain. It too needs to be charged to maintain its batteries that work with their best potential. Its major drawback is one needs to always keep the remote control with him/herself else the stick is of no use to anybody.

Every selfie-stick has its own extendable length. The average capacity till every stick extends to its maximum length is 41 inches. Some can be folded, others cannot. If you are a lady and want to keep this in your purse you will likely prefer the foldable sticks. If you are so into taking the best shots and already have knowledge of professional camera I don’t think having non-foldable sticks would bother you. For those who are travellers, and/or have that kind of job that needs frequent travelling, wouldn’t want something that needs to be charged on regular basis; after all who wants this additional burden since you already have to charge your mobile phone and/or a laptop and/or tablet on daily basis, right?

The Bluetooth-enabled ones are usually preferred if you also prefer taking group-selfies even without holding the stick itself. But the most important of all is it must be held properly with finest grip. Those having Bluetooth are costlier than those that don’t have this facility. Some selfie sticks have an advantage of being water proof. Also the weight must be appropriate so that anyone could hold it. The accessories also range dramatically. Some sticks come up with camera lens that can be fixed to the mobile handset so that best shots could be taken. Other than that those having Bluetooth facility come with remote control (not all) and a USB cable. Some brands also provide tripod with the selfie sticks for those individuals who are so into taking pictures from different angles and know how to operate a professional camera. Depending on the brand value and facilities provided all have a different warranty period starting from 6 months to 3 years. The price range is therefore very huge, roughly between $15 to $99, but could stretch to even more.

Since you now know the basics of buying a selfie stick you may proceed keeping everything in mind. It is best if you go to actual electronic stores since looking at online retail stores wouldn’t satisfy you with getting utmost trust because chances of fraud heightens, unless it is Amazon or Flipkart or eBay etc or such well based sites; it is always you who chooses the brand therefore even the trustworthy retail stores won’t be able to help you out if you choose to buy the wrong product. You may go for a brief research along with the users’ real-time review to conclude into something.