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Social media marketing (SMM) is growing as more businesspeople choose huge audience on multiple social media platforms. Here we are to give some remarkable trend to make the maximum from social media marketing. 2018 was a milestone year for both technology and the social media realm. As we are in the year 2019, it is reasonable to believe that the latter will grow influential than ever. Today, the corporate world wants to increase the advantages of the omnipotent social media platform by social media marketing techniques. Social media is always evolving. So we should be aware of the top social media trends in 2019. Let’s see.


Top social media marketing trends in 2019

1. Audience is Still the King

In 2019, the first focus for marketers should be on being sensitive to the people who view them. Social media is all about connections and commitments. Being true and up-to-date should be a motto. Experts in SMM say that replying promptly to customer grievances, concerns, and questions in a genuine way will sustain and strengthen the customer or audience for overall social brand reliability.

According to researchers, new generation businesses are beginning to recognise that moving closer with users through social media sites and applications is about being available and communicating, rather than just handling them to get visibility and traffic towards their website. In 2019, businesses want to take the time to know their customers and how they associate with the brand on each social medium, later move to approach them in the right way with the right medium.

Marketers must be cautious not to miss even the smallest way to reach their customers. Even the biggest brands should reply to every request, comments, etc. Customers will expect more personal interaction. Brands that address social engagement with a genuine desire to create connections will be the winners this year and later. Let your audience understand that they are valuable to your brand, and they will support to grow your brand. And lastly, the right monitoring and tracking tools should be in place to understand the graph of change.

2. Sharing Stories and Moments will Benefit

2019 will be the year of authenticity on social media. Which means only few general updates and more real-life stories which are raw and intimate. Stories build more honest and significant connection between the user and the brand. Therefore marketers need to work more to find real stories in a way that viewers can connect to themselves. It is an age old theory that anything with life will sell easily, but viewers shouldn’t feel that you are trying to sell. Your brand should be of least importance while marketing.

3. Influencers and Micro-Influencers posses a position

Mari Smith, A Facebook marketing authority, said that influencer marketing will be a prevailing trend in 2019. Big growth is supposed to happen with established influencers producing successful campaigns, along with a growth in nano influencers with 1,000 to 5,000 followers in various social media platforms. Brands and businesses will look for proven influencer marketing strategies and proven influencers.

Big brands uncover and strengthen relationships with key micro-influencers. In social media space, everyone has a value. These kinds of association have led to many possibilities for collective projects, client referrals, joined content ventures, sharing of data for studies, etc.

4. Visual marketing

Short videos and story videos are trending again. For the majority of the marketers, both live and uploaded video is very familiar. But for 2019, they must have some new strategies. More brands potentially partnering with influencers or developing content that has more of a real human touch rather than a previous type of advertisement videos. 2019 will be a great year for IGTV with Instagram already using it. It enables users to post vertical videos up to 10 minutes in duration or up to 60 minutes if you are an established or popular person. Vertical video on Facebook is also on growth. Being interactive is significant in video making. Just posting essential video won’t actually be enough in 2019.

Marketers will be ready to broadcast videos even made on a smartphone to keep up with the movement of content which users are viewing. The temporary content trend actually makes these smartphone-quality videos an agreeable form of content that doesn’t weaken the brand status.

Bring the most attractive part within the 10 seconds of the video because that is when the viewers decide to watch or not. Set aims for your video, Storyboard with your partners, Create a 30-60 second short video that can be used on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Create 15 second short teasers for your long videos and upload them on social sites.

5. Augmented Reality (AR)

Already most of the social media sites has started supporting filters that enable users to take a selfie or use their pictures with emojis and filters via augmented reality. Soon brands may come up with pictures of celebrities or their brand icons with winning options. Just like that, e-commerce sites also will be shining with augmented reality features to try out their products like real time. This simply demonstrates that brands could soon be able to project their products into the timeline of social media users through special filters with AR.

6. Increase Of Live Streaming

Unfiltered live videos are transforming social media totally. Actively developing social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube have already begun their own live video streaming stages. The response to live videos are amazing. For personal and entrepreneurial updates people utilize live provision. Instagram and Facebook lives are used to make stories also.

Live has become a mainstream of social media now. The live stream is up and building engagement and quality of a brand. Some of the brands that are medium-sized have even met a million reactions by live streaming practical content on Facebook and Instagram.

7. More Focus on User-Generated Content

The user-generated content is one of the most powerful methods to connect customers with your business as it is likely to give an enhanced customer experience with the aides of such content. User-generated content can be made in the form of videos, photos, or even memes. Marketers can use such contents for selling their products.

The user will prevail in the centre of a social media marketing campaigns in the coming years. Now, when we say the user-generated content, it is designed either by true customers or the well-wishers of the businesses.

User-generated content can help markets to personalize their products. In future, YouTube influencers will play a vital role in spreading the matters into the online world. Through the audio-visual content created by users, people can view how different goods can be applied in real life situations.

8. LinkedIn will be the star this year

LinkedIn is often used by other professionals and not used by marketers much. Last year LinkedIn had a roar with their contents like videos. LinkedIn is one place to watch and get serious in 2019. Many businesses already reached video views 10 times more on LinkedIn than Facebook. LinkedIn relaunched Groups in an intention to encourage more association on the platform.

2019 will see the improvement of LinkedIn and the growth of LinkedIn Influencer’s who are capable to develop and take forth large audiences. Even with small LinkedIn following, the posts and engagements on a LinkedIn profile can make a big difference. LinkedIn is unfolding and getting a huge potential towards converting as an informational business content sharing and connection nourishing network.

9. Employee Advocacy Programs

2019 is the right time for engaging employees in a firm to more and more content creation as it is getting attention and acceptance these days. Power up your own employees to brighten your brand. Employee-created content earns more engagement than content shared from any other sources. Also, employee content extends brand messaging by over 500 per cent.

Employees of the company are the best way to personalize your brand and absolutely the genuine way to scale appropriate contextual content creation. Moreover, companies with engaged employees exceed their competitors, their content creation can assist to create a sense of collective mission.

10. Design Content for the Smart phone Enthusiasts

In 2019, it’s important to craft a social activity that is changeable, elegant, and effortlessly interactive for mobile fans on every perspective of digital marketing, including social media. Designs of webpages should greatly consider mobile users. Content, designs, and response of pages may affect the marketing techniques.

There is no distortion in declaring that the year 2019 and the following years will spin around the customers who are engaged on various social media platforms. All these trends will help business people address social media users and connect people with their marketing type by implementing a personalized practice.

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