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The year 2020 was one like no other. It was a dramatic year that led to a lot of changes and evolution in the field of digital marketing. Each year brings along with it, upcoming trends. So, marketers should always be quick on their feet to adapt to changing trends in digital marketing. It is crucial to evaluate new trends and technologies. Accordingly, Fine-tune your marketing strategies. This article will highlight some of the key Digital Marketing trends that you can expect in 2021. The emerging trends are centered on two aspects: Content-based marketing that revolves around the user, and the second involves more delicate technical elements.

  1. Voice and visual search

While Voice and Visual Search are not entirely new, their usage has skyrocketed in the past year and will continue to do so in the next year as well. With the progress of Artificial Intelligence, voice and visual search have become more effective. Digital Assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant have enabled users to search for products and services using their voice. These devices offer a more wholesome shopping experience and make it easier to obtain information. Visual Search will also play a crucial role in Search Engine Marketing. For example, Google Lens – Google Lens allows users to search for everything they can see. Hence websites need to be optimized for both Visual and Voice Search. One way to optimize for voice search would be to write just how your customers speak. Incorporate conversational phrases into your website content. On the other hand, for effective visual Search, focus on high-quality images with image alt -text and sitemaps.

      2. User-Generated Content

An essential part of content marketing strategy, User Generated Content( UGC), refers to the content created by users of a brand ranging from reviews to images, social media posts and videos.UGC is perceived as being more authentic than traditional advertising because this content is generated by the users simply because they like their products. It helps brands to forge a relationship with their consumers and lets them collaborate with their brands.UGC has the potential to go viral, assisting brands in reaching new users. Apart from all this, it has a tremendous impact on SEO in organic traffic and back-links to the website. Take advantage of these benefits and launch a user-generated content campaign through your websites, social media and offer customers an incentive for participation.

      3. Featured Snippets

The main objective behind SEO is to get your website to the top of the Search Engine Results Page(SERP) – Rank No 1. Better still is to get your content in the Featured Snippets section on Google. It’s another way to increase your click-through-rate and is also referred to as Position No Zero because it appears above the No 1 Spot. They are short snippets of information that appear at the top of the results page to quickly answer a search query. They are often being read to the users as a response to their voice search query.

Featured Snippets appear in the SERP as:

  • The Definition Box: Offers a crisp and clear definition related to the search term.
  • The Table: Relevant Data from a web page is displayed in a tabular form.
  • Ordered lists: Used either for ranking items or listing steps in a specific order, ordered lists usually appear for DIY’s, Recipes or phrases that begin with “How to do ..”
  • Unordered lists: These are simply a list of items that need not be ranked.

4.Interactive Content

This trend has been around for a long time, but it has recently been touted as a best practice. Not only does it improve end-user engagement, but it also ensures that your customer always stays updated with the latest news from your brand. Various forms of Interactive content include but are not limited to quizzes, survey polls, contests, lucky draws and prize giveaways. Its major highlight is that it improves user personalisation and provides a heightened User experience-Letting them have their voices have heard. Moreover, interactive content allows brands to gather data on user preferences that can be used to improve product/service improvements!


Digital Marketing is an ever-evolving field. To thrive, brands need always to stay updated with the latest trends. The number of users online is increasing at a steady pace, which has encouraged brands to try out different digital marketing techniques. User-centric marketing is indeed the need of the hour, and digital marketing is a sure-fire way to establish your online presence. NDZ follows a multi-pronged digital marketing approach ranging from Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing to Online Reputation Management. Let us help you carve out a niche for your brand. Contact us at sales@ndz.co.