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The web designs that are in 2019 may not be there in 2020. Some design trends and elements can immediately make your site look like a remainder of yesteryears, old fashioned! Keeping up with web design trends every year will aid you to retain your site looking fresh and professional.

We have brought you some trends in store for web designers. Every industry is associated with particular trends. This is particularly accurate in graphic design, marketing, web design, etc. From the very commencement of the IT revolution there have been a lot of changes in the development of websites. Modifications expand possibilities. People choose the best out of all. This is how new trends keep on forming.

You can build very unusual web pages. But following a trend, at least a minimum is important to stay in fashion and to be acceptable. Soon in 2020, website design trends will be all about minimalism, organic features, micro animations, user-friendly navigation, etc.

Top Web Design Trends for 2020

A few designs and styles are always in trend, like fast load speed and responsive design. Still, the elements described below are going to hit and set to be big trends in 2020.

Minimalism /Flat Design

Minimalism, sometimes termed “flat design”, is not a new trend in web design, but it has typically been linked with a lot of white space. In 2020, we assume people will be testing with colorful minimalism. Today, minimalism is shifting towards maximum simplified form with the appearance of a few elements as likely on one page. A good case of using minimalism is Apple.inc website

Micro Animation

Micro animations are petite animations. But in this case, tiny doesn’t mean irrelevant. Micro animations are remarkably helpful when it comes to controlling users through their communications with your website. They can also add a component of small gaming to your site.

Micro animations have been adopted for a few years but in 2020, it will be a usual sight.

One of the latest web design trends for e-commerce sites is using micro animations to improve the user experience and give customers a taste of what their merchandises are like. Some famous cloth stores is already using micro animations to show shoppers how their clothes suit and fit comfortably on actual people.

Organic Shapes

Geometric shapes were a successful website design trend in 2019 but in 2020, it will change to organic shapes. Organic or fluid shapes are anything that doesn’t include straight edges. Think of the shapes that appear in nature, like hills or the way the borders of a lake or river are asymmetrical and turning. Fluid shapes are an excellent way to split up parts of a website without hard lines or angles. They’re also excellent to use in the background.

Color to Extract Some Moods

Minimalism will appreciate more bold colors by 2020, along with that, some colors will be handled to excite specific moods in 2020. Colors are proven to have a significant impact on human behavior. While the way we interpret colors has a lot to do with our own personal opinions, there are some common responses connected with colors. For instance, green typically indicates nature and natural products while red expresses energy and passion.

In 2020, we think web designers will put even more focus on using color mindfully to invoke closer sensations a site is expected to obtain.

Bold Color

Colorful minimalism goes together with one of 2020’s biggest web design trends, that is bright, bold, saturated colors help your brand reach out and goes into the soft neutrals that a lot of companies have embraced over the past few years.

Mobile Navigation that is thumb-friendly

The requirement for a Responsive design need not have to be listed, websites should be responsive. Your site should operate well and be effortless to use on mobile devices. Moreover by 2020, web design will be focused on creating sites that are thumb-friendly.

What is it actually? We’re talking about the style we use our phones. If you’re viewing this on your phone right now, just check out the way you’re handling it. Your fingers are apparently encased around the back of your phone, making your thumb to do all the work. That’s how most of us use our smartphones and that’s why thumb-friendly navigation is necessary. Putting the navigation bar, menu, and even contact buttons in the area your thumb can stretch. This way thumb-friendly sites make it easier to use and enhance your UX.

Smart Video

Video has long been praised as a must-have for websites that want to continue to shine. People watch videos more than ever. Videos are appealing. It’s the most productive online marketing tool these days. But just like anything, that has to be improved. That’s what smart video is all about. Video with a goal and purpose.

Material Design

Material design is actually a design language launched by Google in the year 2014. Where popular web design looks flat, material design is about applying color and shadows to imitate the real world and its textures. Google’s icon for its software suite is an outstanding example of material design.

In 2020, we anticipate seeing an array of fresh, vivid, eye-catching websites that use animation and video to improve the user experience.


Artificial intelligence is the next big thing in all fields. Now, users often turn to support with questions of all sorts. As a rule, over time they agree and it is more and more challenging to react to them thoughtfully.

Chatbots are programs created to mimic a conversation, that currently is being expanded and updated, becoming more like people. They assemble a base of endless questions and in the future instantly reply to interested users.

There are two varieties of bots: one with a determined database and AI-based. The first option is something like an updated FAQ section and is useless. It is the second option that is a developing trend since it considerably helps user experience with the project.

The benefits of chatbots are that they are affordable, more valuable than the FAQ section, but much more affordable than the maintenance staff, react immediately and are open 24/7. Disadvantages are they do not know harsh requests, cannot accurately answer the question requested for the first time.

Experiments with chatbots started a few years ago. But for now, they are identified only as a funny program, inadequate to react normally to a banal query. They are acquiring more skills. Now bots can create an order, help with enrollment or renew an account, etc.

Our team of web designers at NdimensionZ keeps up with the latest design and development reforms to produce the best websites attainable. We love sharing this message so you understand what to look for in a new website! Modernizing your website’s design can surely transform your brand and revenue. If you want a modern and user-friendly/and thumb-friendly website, reach our team today.