Our University Management System is an ERP system that specifically focuses on managing the overall university functions. This involves real-time information processing and knowledge management. We operate everything and that typically includes automation of various university functions such as Financial Management, Students' Life-cycle Management, Administration Process, Human Resource and Operations, and many more. Our integrated system has the provision of processing bulk of information in its subsystems, and that mainly includes Student Inquiry Management, Pre-Admission & Admission, Fees Management, Hostel & Mess Management, Student Attendance Management, Examination Pre-Conduct, etc.

Our ERP system thrives in all kinds of educational institutions such as Central/State Universities, Private/Deemed Universities, Technical Universities, Veterinary Universities, Agricultural Universities, and so on. University Management System is the most appropriate ERP system whose key aim is to automate and ease the life of the management of the university premises. We have successfully implemented this system into 10+ universities so far.


Student Enquiry Management

This helps effective communication between the management and the existing or newly-enrolled students for doubts or queries.

Pre-Admission & Admission

This module assists to those candidates who are interested to take admission and also those who have already confirmed the admission.


It makes sure that the students have no due fees for tuitions/hostel/mess and it also takes note of those who have or haven't paid in full or installments.

Hostel & Mess Management

It is for managing the overall number/count/identity of students who also use other accommodation like hostel rooms and meals.

Student Attendance Management

It manages the attendance and notes down whether or not a student has attended the count of minimum classes per month.

Examination Pre-Conduct

It assists with the upcoming examinations that are yet to happen, and that involves all streams, subjects, dates and timings, etc.

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