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I am sure for most people the concepts get more and more confusing if someone has just started learning about the terms like Search Engine Optimization, Content Writing, Content Management, and so on. And then comes the Copywriting! So, what is Copywriting? What is its exact purpose? Is it the same as content writing or content marketing? Let’s go into some more details.

All of these terms are not independent but related to each other. One may say that the Copywriting is the subset of Content Writing. It is not necessary that a content writer writes for the websites only. He or she could also be part of where there is no requirement of the Digital Marketing at all. Let’s say somebody who sets question paper for the examination is also a content writer. In this particular case, it is mandatory for the person to have a professional degree.


But in case of Digital Marketing, anybody could enter into this particular field, regardless of what professional degree they hold or whether or not they have work experience in this field. Initially, it takes a lot of hard work to have a kick start on this because one would want to convince the hirers that he or she is enthusiastic, fast learner, flexible, and intellectual. Once the work experience is gained, the task would get easier to achieve; although, without working hard it cannot last long. Nevertheless, the individual will be familiar with the employers’ needs and the market’s demands.

Copywriting includes everything that attracts the visitors in order to convert them into potential customers successfully. If a firm intends to sell something, it has to present itself in such a way so that the consumers would want to experience its products and services. People would likely repel and may never consider to buy anything if the firm keeps on chasing them.

Think of this scenario. Our e-mail address gets flooded with lots of commercials that we barely notice. The sellers need to be real stand-out in terms of presentation in order to steal the show. Just an email wouldn’t do the trick, but lots of other mediums. Even if the seller wants to keep the email part in its strategies, it should not be the only method to consider. It could also be designing infographics, brochures, marketing via social media, banners, billboards, etc. and write contents on them to catch instant attention. The people involved ought to be highly innovative.

Here is where the writers are always in demand. Few organizations do not solely get dependent on the content developers. But instead, they make sure that each person on the team is well versed in English (native language, in case of region-specific) writing skills. The ‘team’ consists of a group of individuals who have a number of marketing strategies in mind. Few of the methods are applied in real and others are discarded. Although, they do have a few Content Writers for the job, but in the time of urgent need, others can also be put into action. Lots of other organizations get totally dependent on the content writers.what is copywriting

Types of Copywriters

Agency Copywriter: These kinds of copywriters work for advertising agencies. This is a super creative job where the employee gets the opportunity to work with big brands. The product could be anything, for instance, a soap! Now the thing is, the soap you intend to sell is no different than any other soap in the market. The strategies of how to convince the consumers are up to you, which may or may not succeed.

Generally speaking, the employers usually look for those who are already experts in the field. Others are simply trainees who get a small amount of stipend. Moreover, due to the direct dealing with the consumers, it is necessary to handle also those who are extremely reluctant towards buying anything too soon, or perhaps never.

The Agency Copywriting have also moved towards the social media as part of their Digital Marketing strategies. Therefore, those who are comparatively younger and are so fine-tuned with using the sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. may easily apply for this job. This is because those who have gained experience for over a decade or two are comparatively lesser in this department.

The major disadvantage of agency copywriter is that the owners/managers would be skeptical of the writer who plans to make changes in the strategies because they cannot tolerate even 5% of the decrease in the sales. It would directly impact the writers and he or she may even lose their job as a result of a substantial loss of the finances. Currently, the competition is so high that getting placed in such kinds of branded advertising agencies is extensively difficult.

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Corporate Copywriter: These kinds of writers have, although boring, but a stable job. They do not need to interact with the consumers directly; nor do they need to plan the whole thing. They are told to write the brochure, websites, banners, social media, and so on. They are asked about their opinions at times if meetings are held and they are part of those meetings.

The major advantage of Corporate Copywriter is that the employers probably wouldn’t ask for a professional degree while looking for a suitable candidate. Most employers prefer native English speakers for the write-up; though, lots of them also look for those who demand less money despite being skillful and non-natives. These writers write solely about the products and/or services an organization has to offer. It becomes monotonous and so the person may switch to another company from time to time.

Freelance copywriter: As the name suggests, they are free to work as many hours they please and the exact time frame when they prefer it. Most of their work is based on a contractual basis which is limited to a few months. These writers may also get regular paying jobs if the employers like their work and don’t want to look for the candidates every now and then. But there are also disadvantages associated with freelance copywriters. This job is not stable. If they are hardworking types and are really dedicated copywriters, it is possible to earn as much as over a hundred thousand dollars.

The newbies wouldn’t get this kind of job too soon. Once they are well recognized for consistent hard work, they would be given star rating by the employers themselves, which eventually leads to getting better offers in terms of work and payment later.

In my opinion, one should ensure that he or she is aware of the writing part as a regular employee in an organization. The freelance part could be done after gaining a few years of experience. The payment varies greatly, but once you know where you are heading and how would you do that, the trouble would be solved. Learn that there are no shortcuts. You might get convinced by a number of copywriters who earn in millions, but it is not an overnight fame. They had put years of efforts into it!