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Manufacturing ERP is software that streamlines and automates core business and manufacturing functionalities. There is various Manufacturing ERP software available in the market. MFG Pro or QAD ERP is one of these ERP software. Manufacturing businesses require Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to manage, automate, track, collaborate, and connect every step of their business process. The software provides manufacturing-specific functionalities that fulfill all the business requirements. It offers a 360-degree view of the entire manufacturing business. 


In this article, let’s explore more about what MFG Pro is and how beneficial is this software. 

What is MFG Pro? 

MFG Pro is the first flagship enterprise resource planning software suite designed to fulfill all manufacturing-specific requirements of the business. This software is built using the APICS principle. APICS is the Association for Supply Chain Management that offers profound knowledge on all the aspects of successful implementation of the ERP software. 


The QAD manufacturing ERP software streamlines the manufacturing operations, supply chains, financials, customers, technology, and business performance. It includes features like distributed operations, purchasing, industry-specific vertical market functions, sales order, and purchase order management, inventory, and product assemblies. 

How beneficial is MFG Pro in supporting closed-loop Manufacturing Resource Planning? 

Recent ERP usage statistics portray that 47% of ERP users are from the manufacturing industry. The industry involves complex processes and is dynamic in nature. The processes are either operational or managerial, but they need to sync with each other. When the manufacturing plant begins to expand, it gets difficult to manage these complex processes and systems.


Managing supply chain risk is a challenge for manufacturers. They need appropriate information on inventory, demand, shipments, and supplier performance to manage global supply chains. Complex supply chains need detailed supply chain planning and digital connectivity with suppliers for proper inventory planning and ensuring product availability. Customers demand unique products which require qualified suppliers to supply raw materials, products & services. With digital connectivity, the supply chain can become more connected, automated, and transparent. 


QAD manufacturing module helps manufacturers overcome the challenge of managing complex and unstable global supply chains. QAD Manufacturing ERP module offers a digital supply chain solution that

  • Enhances the supply chain performance
  • Helps deliver products on-time
  • Reduce inventory costs by 25%
  • Improve supply chain agility
  • Wipeout production delays
  • Cut material costs by 10-20%
  • Reduce trade compliance risks
  • Save transportation costs by 3-10%

How does QAD manufacturing ERP help in overcoming the manufacturing industry challenges? 

Action centers are role-based dashboards that provide insights on supply chain operations efficiency, trend identification, and enhanced decision making. Distribution Requirements Planning shortens inventory across distribution networks and enhances the customer experience by predicting customer demands. Requisitions help manage an entry, approval process, e-notifications, and implement company policies on direct and indirect requisitions. 


Purchasing automates all phases of procurement and facilitates the conversion of planned orders into purchasing documents. Consignment helps manage the company inventory and the inventory consigned to its customers. Vendor-Managed Inventory manages balances, performs cycle counts, and includes inventory transaction history and lot/serial tracking reports. Supplier Performance monitors and reports supplier performance. 


About Us

The manufacturing industry has a complex supply chain and overcoming all the challenges requires digital connectivity in the supply chain. MFG Pro or QAD ERP offers a digital supply chain solution that fulfills all manufacturing-specific requirements of the business. 


NDZ has years of experience in delivering streamlined services and solutions to manufacturing enterprises that help them realize their business goals. We are experts in MFG Pro who offer implementation, consultation, support, and migration services to our customers. Get in touch with us for any kind of ERP integration, innovation, digitization, and automation. 



Q). What does QAD mean? 

A). QAD is an abbreviation for “every other day” (quaque Altera die). 

Q). Who owns the QAD MFG Pro software

A). QAD Inc./Parent organizations owns the QAD software

Q). What is the rating of QAD software? 

A). Gartner reviews provide a 4-star rating for the QAD software. 

Q). Is the software good for beginners? 

A). The ease to use feature of this software enables beginners to use the software seamlessly in the manufacturing industry. 

Q). Is the software good for mid-sized manufacturing companies? 

A). Yes, it is a great ERP system for mid-sized manufacturing companies.