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Open Source software, as you know, contains the source code of a (system or application) software or a tool. It helps to customize the existing software so that it keeps on updating with time and requirement. It is obviously better than the closed source software because one does not need to be dependent on specific layout and working, and is comparatively cheaper even if programmers are hired to customize.

Open Source Customization is slightly different than simply open source. It basically refers to personalizing the Content Management System or scripts such as Joomla, WordPress, Mambo, phpBB, and so on in order to make them work the way one wants; and NOT the WordPress or Joomla as a whole itself. The CMS sites are open source but are generic. Therefore, customizing them is a necessity so as to control its appearance and feel and make them look in a desired manner.

One would always want to upgrade certain things such as image slideshow, contact form, or proper navigation system that is supposed to keep hold of browser (of all kinds) compatibility with the targeted website that ought to be loading. This also improves the overall ranking in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing. Open Source Customization also ensures the continuous display of all types of contents on the website.

open source customization

It can be done by anyone who is a good programmar and has deep knowledge in UX/UI. In fact, there are many out there across the world who always actively want to contribute and collaborate with other intellectual programmers so that together they can come up with the right solution.

Despite having already existing themes, the WordPress sites still need to be modified based on what the site owners want to show. It contains numerous options to do that, that is, either by simple drag and drop OR by modifying the code itself for better appearance.

To customize the WordPress theme, one has to go through the themes folder and CSS written inside it. The changes being made there will reflect on the appearance of the site as a whole or a part of it. In case of Joomla, an individual has to find the template files that print the contents on screen with selected font colors that suit the needs. In general, customizing Joomla is more difficult than the WordPress, although Joomla provides better looks if done exactly the way it should be. It does not need to be modified using codes. On the other hand, WordPress is way more user-friendly and comfortable to upgrade which is why most site owners, especially bloggers, prefer this particular CMS site.

Open Source Customization enhances flexibility and typically saves the cost from 30% to 50% in comparison with a product which is asked to build from scratch. Moreover, the development time can be reduced by 40% as well. When it comes to handling the bugs, a large community is involved and the matter is likely resolved sooner than expected. These are the key advantages of Open Source Customization that is why it has elevated its popularity in the recent years.

A lot of companies offer services that contain Open Source Customization of Content Management System sites so as to beautify and enhance the overall functioning. NDZ is one of those that has years of expertise in this regard. Hence, if you are one of those who is struggling with modifying your CMS site then do not worry. We are here to assist you with an excellent solution to your issues promptly. We are just a contact away!