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website audit
In the last blog, you learned what website audit is. This time, you will know what you will gain with a website audit.

Basically, website audit is a way to fine-tune your business by addressing the issues and improving the performance thus enhancing the CTR and make your presence felt.

If you are having a company audit your website, there are certain factors that you will and should expect. You can evaluate and deliver necessary recommendations from time to time to improve the following points. After all, let’s be honest, this is what you need any internal audit to do.

  • A website audit must inspect the top landing pages, content, CTA, design to ensure there are maximum conversions. It is definitely not an easy process. In fact, it can take months to figure out what really “clicks” with your website. But with proper planning, testing and analysis, your audit can spike up the ROIs.
  • Algorithm has its own mind. Google changes its algorithm regularly. So what works now may not work next year or even next month for god’s sake. A good SEO will always focus on delivering the best user experience. A user-friendly website should always be on the first while pleasing the search engines comes second. Here is a healthy tip. Focus more on users. This will save you from frequently analyzing every single SEO details. Always remember, Google gives priority to those websites that delivers the best. So if you have a bad user experience, chances are Google will use these bad bounce rates and low ratings against you. With proper website audit, you can evaluate these points and balance so that you can make both the users and Google happy.

  • Complicated design, too much of flash objects, multiple category pages will drive away your customers. At times, even busy web pages or information overload can be bad for your website. If your website is confusing, then chances are consumers will exit it as quickly as possible. And yes, they might dread to visit your site ever again. Sit down with your website auditing team and deliver clear, concise opinions about the structure of website, content and what functionalities work best for your users.
  • A technical audit of website will include factors such as bounce rates, number of pages viewed, time spent on a page and so on. Obviously, they are important areas that can better your indexing. Nevertheless, one crucial reason why people and search engines come back is the content of your website. If you are offering quality content, Google will definitely give a helping hand to rank well. Website auditing can help you understand what type of content do people like and how they like to view it – for instance, images, animated videos, words etc. With website audit, you can build a strong content strategy that will help you rank your website. This can help with better organic rankings than paid ones.
  • To increase your rankings, you need to first understand what you want to rank for. Excellent organic search rankings begin with a concrete keyword planning. Once you get a hold of the market and competition, initiate an on-page SEO plan. This can help you to implement the target keywords to specific areas of content of your website. Many search engines including Google, will determine your website ranking based on the content and on-page optimization of your website. If you do not inform them about what you are an authority, chances are they will remain unaware. A proper website audit must include keyword discovery, proper research and which keyword must be implemented in on-page SEO and off-site website marketing.

SEO audit

If you haven’t audited your website, then this is the right time for you. Ndimensionz offers you holistic website auditing solutions that can enhance your website performance. Today’s small changes can have a huge impact on your site conversions.