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Human brain vs computers

When someone asks which is better – A computer or a human brain then at first anyone would say, a computer, since it has the ability to solve multiple tasks within fractional seconds and memorizes every kind of data you feed to it, whether, text, graphics, audio, video, and much more. Human brain on the other hand can memorize only partial information and it does not guarantee that it won’t forget a particular thing after a specific time period. It fades with time unlike computer that keeps the whole information unharmed and intact if handled with care and prevented from external threats like system failure, flood, fire, hacks, etc. Computers cannot be compared with humans when it comes to decision making on practical scenarios. There is progress in the field of artificial intelligence but a machine is simply a machine and is not capable to do its task without conditional statements that are already fed to it by programmers.

We jot down some points to be more specific about their comparison so as to conclude both the parties are different and are excellent in performing if particular tasks are given.

1. Both computer and a human brain uses electrical signals to transmit messages. The computer uses electricity whereas the brain of a human being uses chemicals for the transmission. However, the electricity transmission through wires is comparatively faster than those signals traveling in the nervous system.

2. Both can send the information, whether it is an on or off in case of a computer, or firing or not firing an action potential. Neurons are however more than just on and off because it constantly receives information from other cells throughout in the form of sound, vision, touch, etc. Information traveling across may or may not result in action potential, rather this info minimizes the probability that the action potential will be produced by increasing or decreasing the threshold of the neuron.

3. The memory can grow in both the cases with time. By adding computer chips to the computer it can grow its memory. On the other hand, human brain grows naturally with experience by stronger synaptic connection.

4. Both are able to learn through adaptation. Brain can learn new things easier. Computer is far better than brain in performing multitasking like multiplying 2 numbers and counting in the backward direction at the same time but there is still a major difference, which is, the brain practically controls everything that belongs to the human body such as blood pressure, heartbeat, walking, etc. If it is to concentrate on the same task it could be compared with computer in generating fast outputs. And there are special cases of some children who can calculate mathematical calculations within seconds, despite of the fact that their brain also performs multi-tasking of handling other biological functions as well.

5. Both have evolved much with time and are still growing. Human brain weighs about 3 pounds for last 100,000 years. However, computers are much faster now that no one could imagine those days, yet technological advancements in their rapid phase have made possible that smaller, faster and more powerful.

6. Both need energy for sustenance even if the resource differ drastically. The computer requires electricity so as to keep working whereas the brain needs constant supply of oxygen and sugar to keep going that it gets from the nutrients a human consumes.

7. Both can get damaged. In case of a computer anything damaged could be repaired but this is not the case with the brain. Researches are in progress to transplant a brain and it is quite successful in transplanting nerve cells in the case of specific neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease. Computer can catch virus and brain can catch many diseases. The brain also keeps “built-in back up systems” so that if one pathway has been damaged, there is another pathway that takes over.

8. Both can be changed and modified. The brain always changes and gets modified with time and it does not go “off” even while a person takes a nap or sleeps. The computer’s memory can be modified only if a new hardware or software is being added or saved. But with the power cut it turns OFF and no signals are transmitted.

9. Both are capable in doing math and other logical tasks. However computers have evolved into much faster but the brain can better interpret the surroundings, learn new things and evolves with new ideas. It is far better at imagining stuffs to actually implement in reality; for instance, inventing computers are the prime examples.

10. Computer doesn’t die whereas a human brain does. With time every living thing tends to age and ultimately die which is the law of nature. Computer wears away with time but its every part can be replaced or modified without actually losing its data that it stores in its memory. Human dies and so does his brain after a few hours and everything is just lost and can never be retrieved.

By looking at the explanation you can well decide which is better – A computer or a human brain. Humans are evolving with time and so does the computer. The science and technology is not just confined to personal computers. It has also evolved into hand-held devices with the smart operating systems, robotics, virtual and augmented reality and everything now seems very easy.