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Who We ARE!

About NDimensionZ

Shaping a brighter future through the fusion of innovative ideas and collective intelligence.

Discover what motivates, inspires, and drives us by learning about NDZ and our history, mission, and core principles.

We at NDZ progress in n-different dimensions to help our clients thrive, grow their businesses to their peak potential, and maximize their ROI. At NDZ, we advance in various ways to support our clients in thriving, expanding their companies to the fullest extent possible, and optimizing return on investment. With just four employees when we opened our doors in 2007 in the centre of Kerala’s IT district, Smart City, we have expanded to 300+ employees and a global network. Since its founding, NDZ has embraced innovation, dynamic knowledge, and continuous learning in its core competencies, including application development, data center management, and IT consulting services. It has helped our clients achieve their business goals. We have become passionate about technology because of the endless options available in the vast information technology field. We aim to enhance the quality of life in the IT industry.

Life at NDZ

At NDZ, we’re not just a team; Our global family is fueled by a passion for technology and a commitment to excellence. From our roots in Kerala’s IT hub to our worldwide reach, we thrive on innovation and learning. Join us in creating a brighter future for technology and ourselves.

How We Stand Apart

We have been visionaries since day one

NDZ’s vision is to create a dynamic working environment where all our employees feel a sense of enjoyment.


Building Trust

It is all about how we do business. We make a point of establishing good relationships with each of our clients or friends.

Solving problems together

We have adopted a collaborative environment to enable seamless communication with our clients, which has resulted in exponential growth.


We applied our skills and expertise to establish sister entities dedicated to positively impacting society. Branching out into diverse segments, we embraced the fluidity of the business landscape.


To help you work faster and get results faster, Ayoti Technologies blends a tried-and-true agile approach with expert teams and powerful tools. Using this, Ayoti concentrates on empowering women who possess skills but are constrained by familial responsibilities. Here, we provide them with endless opportunities to showcase their talents.


NDZ’s learning and development division, Techmindz, offers institutional, candidate, and cooperative-level training. Our main goal is to equip students with the necessary training to enable their placement in the industry and prepare them for the workforce, especially those who lack technical skills.

Our Clients

We collaborate closely with our clients, guiding them towards achieving their aspirations for growth by embracing innovation, thus fostering enduring value creation.

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Discover our latest updates and tech tales by following us on social media. Stay in the loop with our newest events and stories. Join us on our journey of exploration.


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