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Slowly but steadily over the years, India has become a major hub for outsourcing. But the lesser known fact remains that India is quickly gaining speed to rank as best web designing location as well. Exemplary English skills, similar cost advantage and a team of dedicated fellas that contribute to many outsourcing platforms are few of the key points that is making India not only a great spot for tourist destination but also for website designing.

Speak the Clientele language

Unlike a specific era where answering a telephone or jotting down an organized script was a skill, today’s work multitasks. Web designers need to understand the client’s demands and understand clear cut of what is in their mind. Only then, can they set a strategy or a design that can work online. Stating the obvious, you need to have a good command over the “Universal language” English apart from actually possessing good technical knowledge to work on various web design softwares. A creative mind is always a necessity and if you are passionate about your job, success is yours. Needless to say, India is filled with such teams who have the capability to handle whatever challenges are thrown to them.

Arbitrage = India’s strength

Though, in recent times, things have not been so well, India’s strong point always remains in cost arbitrage. There are many web designers who are more than willing to work at an attractive package (client’s POV rates). And if you are lucky, you might spruce up some really proficient professional web designer at such payments.

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Creativity is such a challenge

It is an ever skeptical question that passes onto the minds of foreign clients – “Will you do justice to it?” Many sophisticated clients still feel that India lacks the right chemistry with them. I have, many times, personally seen/heard Indian friends rambling about the fact that their clients never seem satisfied with the work. Now it may be the cultural differences that tend to heat up the temperatures. But, with the arrival of many foreign television channels, magazines etc. Indian web designers are able to finally crack the nut and “get” into client’s perspective. Not to mention the omnipotent Internet that has always been a messiah of the needy.

Every day, Indian web designers are becoming more functional and deliver creative projects as per the client’s taste.

Still, there lurks the fact that consensus of clients still hesitate in giving prominent projects to India. The fact that India is an affordable destination to clients is like a double edge sword for many Indian web designers. However, with some excellent proactive networking by the designers such as delivering project on time, economical cost etc. is slowly gaining up to the client’s confidence. Perceptions will definitely change; nonetheless, it will take patience and time.

International clients must stay vigilant

Forgery occurs anywhere, anytime. There are many bogus web designers who start up a false website and take their clients for a ride. These people have no real talent. They hold up work, demand advance investment, and eventually cheat the client leaving them frustrated and defeated. The internet was full of such occurrences at certain point of time. However, thanks to the technological evolution many prank players have left the industry and India is left with genuine dedicated web designers.

Points to check while hiring web designing companies in India

  • Make sure that the portfolio company or the person displays is their own self and no someone else’s.
  • Don’t get fooled if the company website displays prominent brand logos. Many are fake and might not have even worked for such top brands.
  • If the cost is unbelievably cheap, then so is the company. India delivers affordable outsourcing but does not stoop too low either.
  • Check the references, credentials, etc. even if it means making calls internationally as well.
  • Do set a time limit. Enforce proper timetable about the delivery of project. You can implement penalty (within reason) if the web designers tend to sway away. Sadly, true many Indians to tend to take things easy.
  • Explain it firmly that work must be done in the web designer’s office itself. Forbid them to outsource someone else. It’s a moo point [courtesy: F.R.I.E.ND.S)] to outsource a web designer who outsources the work again to a third party.

So summing it up, YES, India is a great destination if you are planning to outsource your job. There are brilliant web designers and best web designing companies in India that will give you top-notch projects right on time.